The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) is a high-end duty added in patch 4.11: The Legend Returns. It can be unlocked by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane ( 11.6, 12.6 ) after completing Deltascape V4.0 (Savage).

The minimum ilvl to enter this fight is i340, but can be bypassed with a full party. All gear of an ilvl greater than i345 will be synced down to i345, and have materia slots ignored.

Phase 1: Twintania

Throughout the first phase of the fight, Twintania will drop 3 neurolinks after reaching certain percentage points (74%, 44%, 0%). Standing inside of a neurolink will inflict players with a Neurolink status, heavily reducing their damage dealt and heavily reducing damage from hatches. Twintania will drop a neurolink under her hitbox, so the position can be manipulated by players. In order to facilitate mechanics later in the fight, I’d recommend placing neurolinks in a triangle, roughly shown below:

Neurolink Positioning The order the neurolinks are dropped doesn’t particularly matter, as long as they are in the assigned locations. Personally, I’d start with mark [1], followed by mark [2], followed by mark [D].

This is just one of many possible configurations. As long as neurolinks are somewhat close and equidistant to the middle, in a triangle, any configuration should be fine.

I’ll divide Phase 1 into 3 separate parts, depending on when Twintania drops her neurolinks.

Pull (100%-74%)

Twintania’s Abilities:

Twintania begins the pull with a Plummet on the tank and very shortly do a Twister + Fireball combo. All players must move away to place their twisters and then collapse into the middle to soak fireball. I’d recommend assigning a spot to each player to move out to. After soaking the Fireball, Twintania will use Death Sentence on the tank. A tank swap is required. Twintania will repeat this rotation until she is pushed to 74%. NOTE: Keep in mind that Shirk may not be available for every Death Sentence, as she casts it fairly frequently.

Some groups opt to generate more LB gauge by having only 6 players stack in the fireball, to guarantee Tank LB3 when needed later in the fight.

Twintania repeats the following until she is pushed to 74%

  • Plummet
  • Twister + Fireball
  • Death Sentence

Twintania gains the following abilities:

After dropping her first neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will begin casting Liquid Hell.

Liquid Hell Baiting Rough diagram showing how to bait. As long as you bait along the wall, away from the boss, you should be fine.

Assign 1 players in your raid to be in charge of baiting Liquid Hells, preferably a ranged DPS. Liquid Hell will always target a random player that’s past a certain distance from Twintania. In order to bait Liquid Hells, make sure your assigned baiter is the only player past this range, and all other party members are somewhat closer to Twintania. If done correctly, they should be targetted by all 5 liquid hells. Make sure to not bait a liquid hell on Neurolinks.

Twintania will then cast Generate, marking a random DPS player with 3 circles rotating around them, targetting them for Hatch. The marked player must run inside of the neurolink before the hatch explodes on them in order to mitigate damage done. The hatch will explode in a fairly large AoE, extending outside the neurolink (about the size of a Shadowflare), and any other player caught in the blast will take lethal damage. During this, Twintania will also cast another set of baited Liquid Hells.

Because Generate can target any DPS, in the event your baiter is marked, I’d recommend having a second DPS serve as a backup baiter. As soon as the main baiter is marked, the backup baiter should be ready to take their place and bait the same way.

After the second set of Liquid Hells, Twintania will cast Death Sentence, forcing a tank swap. She will then use Generate once more, immediately followed by a Twister. Because of the delay of the Hatch spawning, players will have to bait twisters outside the neurolink, and move in after the cast is finished. Twintania will then use Plummet, and repeat her rotation until she is pushed past 44%.

Twintania repeats the following until she is pushed to 44%

  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Generate
  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Death Sentence
  • Generate
  • Twister
  • Plummet

A few changes are made to some of Twintania’s abilities:

Liquid Hell Into Fireball This is simply one of many ways to move into the stack, but is not the only method. As long as you can keep the front and rear of the boss open, you should be fine.

After dropping her first neurolink, make sure to move her to the second location as soon as possible, as she will quickly begin casting Liquid Hell, followed by a Generate. This is fairly similar to her previous rotation, except for the fact that she will mark two players. Right after markers disappear, Twintania will mark a random player with Fireball, as well as begin casting a targetted Liquid Hell on one player 5 times. After hatches are resolved, have all players (except for the liquid hell target) stack right behind Twintania to soak fireball. The player targetted for liquid hell should circle around the arena, and run into the stack after the 5th hit.

A correctly mitigated Fireball shouldn’t deal lethal damage to 7 people, so some groups opt to forego the Liquid Hell target stacking, and just take the fireball without them. The main problem with this comes with when Twintania targets the same player with both Fireball and Liquid Hells, wherein this will obviously not work.

Twintania will then cast Death Sentence on her target, followed by another double Generate into Twisters, similar to the pattern done in the earlier phase. She will follow up with a Plummet, and then repeat her rotation until she is pushed to 0% or enrages.

Twintania repeats the following until she is killed.

  • Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Generate x2
  • Liquid Hell (Target)
  • Fireball
  • Death Sentence
  • Double Generate
  • Twister
  • Plummet

At 3:00, Twintania will become untargettable and cast Aetheric Profusion, dealing lethal damage to all players, serving as an enrage. Twintania must be killed before this, or your party will wipe.

After defeating Twintania, she will fly away, signifying the end of Phase 1.

Phase 2: Nael Deus Darnus

The phase begins with Heavensfall, a raid-wide aoe with a knockback dealing damage based on how close you are to the center. Make sure to mitigate. Immediately after the knockback is resolved, a set of glowing Thermionic Bursts will appear on the floor, dividing the arena into pie slices. Standing in this AoE when they explode will deal lethal damage, and inflict paralysis if you manage to survive.  At the same time, Nael will Meteor Stream a total of 8 party members, in 2 sets of 4. These are splash damage, so all players must spread out across the arena to prevent doubling up on damage. Afterwards, Nael will use Dalamud Dive and jump on the tank who held threat on Twintania, dealing significant damage. This is also splash damage, so make sure to stay away from her target (being the tank).

Nael has the following abilities:

Nael’s Quotes:

As many of these moves don’t have AoE markers, you’ll have to use Nael’s unique tell to predict what attacks she will use. These tells are present in the form of quotes. Nael’s quotes will appear over her head and in the chatbox, and she will perform a different series of moves depending on her quote. Possible quotes are shown below:

These quotes are not entirely random, and are usually present in sets of two throughout the phase (excluding the end). I highly recommend either using ACT triggers or have a person in the raid always call out what each quote means.

After landing on the tank, Nael will immediately use Bahamut’s Claw on her target, and follow up with Bahamut’s Favor, gaining a damage buff and summoning 5 dragons outside the arena, signifying the start of the Elements phase. Each of the dragons signifies a different element, and each does different abilities, explained below:

Players must be hit twice by fireball throughout the phase in order to prevent death from Icebitten. However, they cannot take a fireball hit if suffering from Firescorched. There are many ways to stack fire tethers in and out in order to survive these mechanics. Examples include IN→OUT→IN→OUT, OUT→IN→IN→OUT, among others. It takes about two fire tethers in order for the Ice Dragon to Iceball the whole party twice.

An alternative, for added safety, you can instead have 3 fire tethers stack in the party (IN→OUT→IN→IN), as only 2 fires in will result in a risk of Iceball deaths if any player dies. This is my recommended method.

Because of the amount of soak mechanics in this phase, I’d highly recommend having your party always stack together, and dodging mechanics in the same direction. This obviously excludes members marked by Thunderstruck or Fireball tethers wanting to be placed out.

After casting Bahamut’s Favor, Nael will yell out a quote, and 2 random party members will be inflicted with Thunderstruck. She will then use Lunar Dynamo. The party must account for 2 thunderstruck AoEs, and a safe spot for the party, while preparing to dodge the upcoming Lunar Dynamo. I’d recommend having the two thunderstruck players positioned in the back left and back right flanks, with the rest of the party stacking north, as shown below:

Thunderstruck Dynamo Not to scale, but a general idea of how positioning should be.

Nael’s quote will determine what move she will use immediately following Lunar Dynamo, being either Thermionic Beam (“O hallowed moon, take fire and scorch my foes!"), or Iron Chariot (“O hallowed moon, shine you the iron path!"). At the same time, a fire tether will appear. Be sure to have your whole party dodge in the same direction if Chariot is chosen, if you’re planning to keep this Fireball in. Afterwards, 2 random players will be marked with Doom (with durations of either 6s or 10s), and Wings of Salvation puddles will appear under random players. Have the player with the shortest Doom duration take the first white circle after Wings of Salvation resolves, and the second shortest take the second white circle.

After a very short pause, Nael will use another set of Bahamut’s Claws on her target, and another fire tether will appear. Two players will also be marked with Thunderstruck after a few seconds. Because there is no Lunar Dynamo present, Thunderstruck players are free to just move away from the stack to avoid their splash damage. If you’re planning on keeping this fire in, make sure Thunderstruck players take the fire first before spreading out, as Fireball resolves before Thunderstruck.

Nael will then say her second quote, determining if she will either use Thermionic Beam → Lunar Dynamo (“Take fire, O hallowed moon!"), or Thermionic Beam → Iron Chariot (“Blazing path, lead me to iron rule!"). Because Thermionic Beam is always present, I’d highly recommend preparing mitigation for it. The Light and Dark Dragons will then preform the same Wings of Salvation & Doom combination they did earlier, except this time there will be 3 players marked with Doom (durations of 6s, 10s, and 16s), and 3 Wings of Salvation will be cast. At the third Wings of Salvation dance, Thunderstruck will be applied on two players, and a fire tether will appear. Contrary to the second fire, Thunderstruck will resolve BEFORE Fireball, so have Thunderstruck players spread out their thunders first, and then stack in for fire if you’re planning on keeping this fire in. Nael will follow up with another set of Bahamut’s Claws on the tank.

Nael will then say her third quote, determining whether she will use Raven’s Dive → Lunar Dynamo (From on high I descend, the hallowed moon to call!), or Raven’s Dive → Iron Chariot (“From on high I descend, the iron path to call!" or “From on high I descend, the iron path to walk!"). Raven’s Dive will always be present. In order to prevent Raven’s Dive from knocking back other players, but still keeping Nael close enough to everyone to easily react to mechanics, I’d recommend assigning a clock-position based spread, as shown below:

Protean Style Clock Spread Assign each player to a clock position. Make sure not to be too close to others, to avoid splash damage/knockback.

During Nael’s second move (either Lunar Dynamo or Iron Chariot) a random player will be marked by a fireball tether. Shortly afterwards, 2 players will be marked with thunderstruck. In this case, Thunderstruck resolves after Fireball, so have your thunders get hit by Fireball before spreading out their thunders. Immediately after, the Light and Dark Dragons will do the exact same Wings of Salvation + Doom combination, once again with 3 players marked with Doom. After the third Wings of Salvation is resolved, Nael will use Ravensbeak on her target, forcing a tank swap. Immediately afterwards, Nael will say her 4th quote, and a green marker will appear on a random player, signifying the beginning of Divebombs.


A series of 3 green markers will appear above 3 random players (not including the current main tank). Dragons will dive in the location the markers disappear, so the goal is to bait them into locations keeping the center safe. The common strategy is to have one person in charge of finding the safe spots to place divebombs before the phase, and marking them with the A, B, and C waymarks (for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bait spots respectively). Dragons always appear in exactly cardinals or intercardinals, and appear after the Bahamut’s Favor cast, so there’s plenty of time. The time dragons dive depends on their position in the arena. Starting true north (12 o’clock) of the arena, and moving clockwise around the arena, the first two dragons will dive as a group, the third will dive alone, and the last two dragons will dive last as a group. They will always dive in this 2-1-2 configuration. Divebomb waymarks should be placed in locations where dragons will dive away from the center, ideally diving tangent to the edge. An example is shown below:

Dragon Dives 2 Assume the top of the image is North of the arena. Spots (1), (2), and (3) represent divebomb bait spots. A bait spot can be placed next clockwise to two dragons (as shown in safe spot (3)). or between two dragons as shown in safe spot (1)). Dives are significantly wider than shown here.

Baiting the second divebomb marker is where people have the most difficulty, due to Nael throwing out her Hypernovas during this phase.  As a divebomb marker, you can make this a little easier by always placing the second bait spot clockwise of the 3rd dragon, and having players dodge Hypernovas clockwise. 

During divebomb baiting, Nael will be throwing out Hypernovae at the furthest targets from her, which ideally should be the people baiting divebombs. Make sure the divebomb marker over your head disappears before moving away to dodge Hypernovae. If possible, always dodge Hypernovae by moving clockwise.

Nael will also say her 4th quote, determining whether she will do Meteor Stream → Dalamud Dive (“Fleeting light! Amid a rain of stars, exalt you the red moon!"), or Dalamud Dive → Thermionic Beam (“Fleeting light! ‘Neath the red moon, scorch you the earth!"). This determines whether you should spread out during this phase, to avoid doubling up on Meteor Streams, or to stack together and soak Thermionic Beam. Make sure that nobody is near the main tank, as Dalamud Dive’s splash damage will be lethal to anyone that is not a tank. Meteor Streams will occur during the second divebomb, so make sure the party is spread out away from the second waymark. If Divebombs have been marked correctly, the center will always be safe, making it the perfect stack point for Thermionic Beam.

After all divebombs are resolved, dragons will no longer do any actions for the rest of the phase, so you no longer have to worry about Iceballs, Fireballs, Thunderstruck, Doom, or Wings of Salvation. Nael will follow up with another set of Bahamut’s Claws, and proceed to say two more quotes. These quotes can be any of the previously seen quotes (excluding divebomb quotes), so be ready for anything. Nael will then follow with a Ravensbeak, forcing a tank swap, and attacking her new target with a set of Bahamut’s Claws. Shortly after, she will become untargettable, and begin casting a lethal Megaflare, wiping the raid and serving as an enrage.

After Nael is killed, she will jump away, signifying the end of Phase 2. This phase can be pushed before her rotation is complete. Be sure to prepare mitigation and stack together once more to prepare for this phase transition.


  • Dalamud Dive
  • Bahamut’s Claw
  • Bahamut’s Favor

Dragons Spawn

  • 2 Thunders + Lunar Dynamo
  • Fire Tether
  • Nael Quote 1
    • if nael says “O hallowed moon, take fire and scorch my foes!" — Lunar Dynamo → Thermionic Beam
    • if nael says “O hallowed moon, shine you the iron path!" — Lunar Dynamo → Iron Chariot
  • 2 Doom + Light Puddle dance
  • Bahamut’s Claw
  • Fire Tether 
  • 2 Thunders
  • Nael Quote 2
    • if nael says “Blazing path, lead me to iron rule!" — Thermionic Beam → Iron Chariot
    • if nael says “Take fire, O hallowed moon!" — Thermionic Beam → Lunar Dynamo 
  • 3 Doom + Light Puddle dance
  • Fire Tether 
  • Bahamut’s Claw
  • Nael Quote 3
    • if nael says “From on high I descend, the iron path to call!" or “From on high I descend, the iron path to walk!" — Raven’s Dive → Iron Chariot
    • if nael says “From on high I descend, the hallowed moon to call!" — Raven’s Dive → Lunar Dynamo
  • 2 Thunders
  • Fire Tether 
  • 3 Doom + Light Puddle dance
  • Ravensbeak
  • Divebomb marker 1
  • Hypernova
  • Divebomb marker 2
  • Hypernova
  • Divebomb marker 3
  • Nael Quote 4
    • if nael says “Fleeting light! ‘Neath the red moon, scorch you the earth!" — Dalamud Dive → Thermionic Beam
    • if nael says “Fleeting light! Amid a rain of stars, exalt you the red moon!" — Meteor Stream → Dalamud Dive
  • Dive 1
  • Nael Quote 4 skill 1
  • Dive 2
  • Nael Quote 4 skill 2
  • Dive 3

Dragons Withdraw

  • Bahamut’s Claw
  • Nael Quote 5 → Nael Quote 6
    • Can be any of the previously said quotes.
  • Ravensbeak
  • Bahamut’s Claw
  • Megaflare (Enrage)

The transition to Phase 3 begins with Seventh Umbral Era, a raid-wide AoE dealing damage and doing a knockback, very similar to Heavensfall. There will then be a set of 3 Calamitous Flames, followed by a Calamitous Blaze, which is just raid-wide damage to the whole party.  Calamitous Blaze cannot be survived without a Tank LB, with a Tank LB3 being heavily preferred. In order to effectively mitigate these, have one of your tanks use Tank LB as soon as you get knocked back by Seventh Umbral Era. (A tank LB2 should be popped before the first hit, as it has a longer duration.)

Phase 3: Bahamut Prime

Bahamut’s Abilities:

Bahamut’s phase consists of small periods to do damage divided up by large intermissions called Trios. Throughout these trios, Nael, Bahamut, and Twintania will all do a combination of their mechanics at the same time.

The phase begins with Bahamut quickly using a Flare Breath, immediately followed by a Flatten. Afterwards, Bahamut will summon Nael and Twintania, and begin Quickmarch Trio.

Quickmarch Trio

Nael, Bahamut, and Twintania will all appear in a line on the edge of the arena, and will dive across the middle of the arena. This leaves two safe spots in the edges of the arena. Assign each player an assigned position in either the left or right safe spot, and get ready to move to avoid twisters as soon as the trio dive (I’d highly recommend using Focus Target to see when the cast finishes, as that’s when you have to move. The enemy list also shows the end of the cast). Immediately afterwards, Megaflare begins, marking three random DPS with circles around them, while hitting four random players with unavoidable soak damage, so you must be spread out. Keep in mind players can be targetted by both Megaflare circles and Megaflare splash damage. At the same time, both Healers and the non-marked DPS will recieve an Earth Shaker marker over their heads, and two random players will be tethered to Bahamut via Tempest Wing.

The best way to deal with this trio is to assign mechanics to a quadrant of the arena. We had our Megaflare stack in the south, in max melee range of the boss, and each healer was assigned east or west, accompanied by a tank to intercept the tether. The last DPS with Earth Shakers would go north. Have your tanks intercept the Tempest Wing tethers and position themselves in front of the two healers, regardless of if they’ll be hit by Earth Shaker, as it does menial damage to tanks. After this, the first Trio is resolved.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Quickmarch, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

A diagram is shown below:

Quickmarch Trio 1 Initial positions. They don’t have to be as shown here.

Quickmarch Trio 2 This dive is very wide, so be wary.

Quickmarch Trio 3 Immediately after the cast ends, be sure to run away from the edges to avoid twisters. Not shown are Megaflare AoEs.

Quickmarch Trio 4 Tempest Wing tethers don’t have to be on healers, they can also be on the Earth Shaker DPS.

Quickmarch Trio 5 Have tanks intercept tethers, regardless of if they will be hit by Earth Shakers.

Quickmarch Trio 6 Earth Shaker is very wide, so be wary.

After Quickmarch Trio resolves, Bahamut will repeat the same Flare Breath into Flatten combo done earlier. Once again, Bahamut will summon Nael and Twintania and begin using Blackfire Trio.

Blackfire Trio

This trio begins with a Bahamut divebomb marker appearing over a random player’s head. Bahamut’s markers work differently than the elemental dragons in the earlier phase, in which Bahamut will dive to where the marker appears, not disappears, so you must bait beforehand. During this time, Twintania will be targetting a random player with Liquid Hells, and Nael will be using Thermionic Beam (during the fourth Liquid Hell). You must be stacked together in movement, making sure nobody receives the burns from puddles left behind.

There are two main strategies to deal with the first part of Blackfire Trio, which I will call the edge method and the center method.


Edge Method Edge Method

Begin the trio stacked together as a party in the wall, and find Bahamut. Move along the arena away from Bahamut (i.e. if the party is at 6 o’clock, and Bahamut is at 10 o’clock, move counterclockwise). In the event that Bahamut spawns directly in front or behind the stack, moving in either direction is fine, but I’d recommend assigning a default. Move along the wall, making sure nobody gets Burns from Liquid Hell.


Center Method Center Method

Begin the trio stacked together as a party in the center of the arena, and find Twintania or Nael (either can be used as a waymark, just make sure everyone uses the same one). Move toward Twintania or Nael’s spawn, to make sure the party remains stacked. Be sure to make very small stutter-steps to make sure you don’t reach the wall before all five Liquid Hell puddles are placed, but not slow enough so that people are inflicted with Liquid Hell’s burns. As long as you just move to the edge of the Liquid Hell puddle every time, you should be fine.

The Edge method requires slightly more thought but removes a line of Liquid Hell puddles that may block off movement. The Center method, however, requires virtually no thought. Choose a strategy that better fits your team.

Immediately after the fifth Liquid Hell, Nael will mark 2 random DPS, 1 random healer, and 1 random tank with Megaflare circles. All Megaflare marked players should stay stacked together where the party finished moving. At the same time, four pillars will appear in each quadrant of the arena, forming a square. These towers spawn based on Bahamut’s location (i.e if Bahamut is north, towers will spawn in North, East, South, and West). A player must be inside a tower when it explodes, or it will deal raid-wide lethal damage. This is where unmarked players come in. Assign one tower to be the unmarked healer’s tower, one tower to be the unmarked tank’s tower, and have your remaining 2 unmarked DPS spread out into the remaining towers. It doesn’t matter which tower each player is sent to, but I’d recommend your healers and tanks have an assigned tower on one half of the arena, and have your DPS towers on the other half of the arena, calling to go either close or far. Nael will be using Hypernovas before towers explode, so you must bait them outside the towers. You’re safe to move into the towers after the second Hypernova, so wait until you see it before moving in.

Blackfire Tower These tower sets do not have to be followed exactly. In the event that your finished position after the dive is near a tower location, I’d recommend defaulting clockwise to follow this diagram.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Blackfire, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

Immediately after Blackfire Trio, Bahamut will begin casting Gigaflare, so make sure to mitigate appropriately. Bahamut will follow up with 3 Flare Breaths in a row, and once again summon the other bosses and begin Fellruin Trio.

Fellruin Trio

The trio begins with Nael, Bahamut, and Twintania appearing in a triangle formation around the middle of the arena. Their location in the triangle is random. Nael begins by saying one of two quotes, corresponding to either Raven’s Dive → Lunar Dynamo (“From on high I descend, the moon and stars to bring!") or Lunar Dynamo → Raven’s Dive (“From hallowed moon I descend, a rain of stars to bring!"). I’d recommend using the same assigned positions as used in the earlier Ravan’s Dive’s combo in Phase 2, surrounding Nael. After Nael’s first move, Bahamut will tether two random players with Tempest Wing, which each tank must intercept and pick up. Very shortly after, Twintania will use Aetheric Profusion. Your party must use one neurolink, while your tanks use the other two neurolinks to avoid the knockback from Tempest Wing. Immediately after Aetheric Profusion resolves, Nael will use Meteor Stream, so your party must spread out as fast as possible.

Fellruin Black circles indicate neurolinks, while blue lines indicate tempest wings. Keep in mind Nael, Bahamut, and Twintania’s locations are in a random configuration.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Fellruin, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

This trio is immediately followed by a Gigaflare, so make sure to heal and mitigate appropriately. Afterwards, Bahamut will use a Flare Breath, followed by a Flatten, followed by another Flare Breath. Afterwards, Bahamut summons the bosses again and begins Heavensfall Trio.

Heavensfall Trio

The trio begins with Bahamut, Nael, and Twintania jumping to a random edge of the arena. They will always be adjacent to each other, but in a random position (i.e. You may see from left to right [Bahamut, Nael, Twintania] or [Nael, Bahamut, Twintania], or any other combination of the three). Begin by stacking in the middle, to bait Bahamut and Twintania’s dives. There are two ways to dodge dives, depending on Nael’s position in their configuration.

If Nael is not in the middle

Dodge this almost exactly like Quickmarch Trio’s dive, using the same safe spots.

Heavenfall Dive Not Mid This configuration can also be mirrored, so be wary.

If Nael is in the middle

Have two players dodge toward the north quadrant, two players to the east, two players to the south, and two players to the west, You can use the same safe spots as Quickmarch trio, albeit with small differences. Your members who are the furthest north should just move to the north quadrant, and the southernmost players should move toward the south quadrant. all other players should have the same safe spots.

Heavenfall Dive Nael Mid

You can squeeze 4 people inbetween Bahamut and Nael’s dives and not change positions, but it’s a tight fit.

Immediately after dives, Twintania will follow up with a Twister, and Bahamut will spawn 8 towers in random areas across the edge of the map. After a short while a Heavensfall will drop. Your goal is to have all 8 players use the Heavensfall knockback to knock themselves into each of the 8 towers. In order to quickly determine what player should go to what tower, I’d recommend using Nael as a waymark (12 o’clock) and assigning each player a number, corresponding to which tower they should take starting clockwise (i.e. player #1 would take the first tower going clockwise, player #2 would take the second tower going clockwise, etc etc). You can use Quickmarch trio safe spots as a basis to determine what number should go on what player.

Heavensfall Tower Players who are 5-8 can instead remember themselves as 1-4 going counter-clockwise, if that’s easier to identify.

After towers resolve, get ready to actually dodge Thermionic Burst aoes caused by Heavensfall. While you are dodging, Nael will throw out 3 Hypernovae targetted at 3 random party members, so be sure to bait these at the wall if possible. After the 3rd Hypernovae, when Heavensfall resolves, a random player will be marked with a fireball marker. Have your party quickly collapse in the middle to soak Fireball, and prepare mitigation for the upcoming Gigaflare.

Some groups may decide to just sacrifice the Fireball marked player, and forego all damage caused by it. This should only be done if you have less than 6 people up, and desperately need to recover.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Heavensfall, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

Immediately after Heavensfall Trio, Bahamut will use Gigaflare, followed by 3 Flare Breaths. Afterwards, Tenstrike Trio will begin.

Tenstrike Trio

This trio begins with Twintania appearing in the middle, and targetting 3 random players with Generate, this time sending two hatches at each targeted player. In order to prevent a wipe, you must have another set of 3 players intercept the second hatch by standing in the neurolink. At the same time, Nael will also be using Meteor Streams on everyone, one by one. She will always dive on all 4 DPS first, followed by 2 healers, followed by 2 tanks. I’d recommend having all players spread out to pre-assigned positions (cardinals and intercardinals) and have each of the marked players move into each of the Neurolinks. You can use your quickmarch positions for this, and they’ll work pretty well. Keep in mind, you cannot run through the middle of the arena, as Hatches are present. At the same time, have unmarked players call which player’s hatch they will be intercepting, and move into the corresponding neurolink after the first hatch is resolved.

Tenstrike 1 I’d recommend calling out which waymark targetted people are going to. If nothing’s changed, waymarks should still be present.

Tenstrike 2 Make sure to have marked players move directly toward the back, as they are still being targetted for hatches.

Tenstrike 3 In the case that two people go to the same neurolink, I’d recommend you both stay in, as its not lethal for two players to take a neurolink.

Immediately after, 4 players will be marked with Earth Shaker markers. Players must spread out to 4 different sides of the arena, making sure no Earth Shaker hits any other and a safe spot is left for the remaining 4 players. The second set of 4 players should be quickly discussing what position they will be going for the second set of Earth Shaker markers, which will appear shortly after the first set resolves.

A common strategy is to mark the safe spot with a square marker [marker 1 or 2], and have each of the remaining 4 players stand in each of the corners of the waymark. This is a quick way to non-verbally determine what spots people should be going, allowing voice coms to be dominated by the first set of Earth Shakers. I highly recommend using this square marker technology.

Tenstrike Es 1 Make sure to keep the 2 waymark open, as a safe zone.

Tenstrike Es 2 Using the corners of the square 2 marker, quickly decide what direction you’ll place the second set of shakers.

Tenstrike Es 3 First set of shakers should run toward 1, a new safe spot.

Tenstrike Es 4 Second Earth Shakers should move to where previously decided, leaving 1 as a safe zone.

Tenstrike Es 5 If all is done correctly, nobody should be doubled by Earth Shakers.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Tenstrike, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

After this trio resolves, Bahamut will once again cast Gigaflare, followed by a Flatten into Flare Breath, and then following into Grand Octet.

If Bahamut is not pushed under 60% by the completion of Grand Octet, Bahamut will gain a buff in the last phase causing him to deal unhealable damage, resulting in a wipe at that phase. You can still practice Teraflare, though.

Grand Octet

There are a multitude of strategies to correctly preform Grand Octet. The strategy I present is one of many, but I think it’s the easiest and most consistent strategy out of the ones I’ve found/thought of. Whenever ‘dragons’ are mentioned, this does not include Twintania, Nael, or Bahamut.

Here are the basic rules of Grand Octet (ty aya liz):

Begin the phase by stacking in the middle. Determine where Bahamut is, and take note if he’s at an intercardinal or a cardinal position. Also check to make sure Nael is not across the arena, opposite Bahamut. If Nael is not opposite Bahamut, wait for the initial divebomb marker to appear, and then run to the dragon opposite Bahamut. After Nael dives, you will begin running in a circle. If Bahamut was at a CARDINAL position, you will be running counter-clockwise (Diagram 1 & 2 shown below). If Bahamut was at an INTERCARDINAL position, you will be running clockwise (Diagram 3 & 4 shown below). Do not sprint until all divebomb markers appear, unless you’re behind the party. Once the red Bahamut dive marker appears, run straight to the middle.

Cardinal 1 Numbers indicate the order dragons dive. After dive markers appear, move opposite Bahamut.

Cardinal 2 When Nael dives, begin moving counter-clockwise along the wall, as Bahamut is at a cardinal. When the red Bahamut marker appears, run to the center.

Cardinal 3 Numbers indicate the order dragons dive. After dive markers appear, move opposite Bahamut.

Cardinal 4 When Nael dives, begin moving clockwise along the wall, as Bahamut is in an intercardinal. When the red Bahamut marker appears, run to the center.

In the event Nael is directly across from Bahamut: If Bahamut was at a CARDINAL position, wait for the first divebomb marker to appear, and then run to the first dragon counter-clockwise Nael (Diagrams 1 & 2 shown below). If Bahamut was at an INTERCARDINAL position, wait for the first divebomb marker to appear, and then run to the first dragon clockwise Nael (Diagrams 3 & 4 shown below). The strategy then plays out exactly as outlined previously.

Intercardinal 1 Nael is across Bahamut, and Bahamut is at an cardinal, so run toward the first dragon counter-clockwise of Nael after markers appear.

Intercardinal 2 After Nael dives, simply run in a circle, identially to the previous strat. When Bahamut’s red marker appears, run toward the middle.

Intercardinal 3 Nael is across Bahamut, and Bahamut is at an intercardinal, so run toward the first dragon clockwise of Nael after markers appear.

Intercardinal 4 After Nael dives, simply run in a circle, identially to the previous strat. When Bahamut’s red marker appears, run toward the middle.

After all dives except for Twintania are resolved, there should only be 1 player who has not been marked by any dragon. Have them run to the right of Twintania, to bait her dive. At the same time, Megaflare Towers and markers will appear on random players. The player marked by Twintania can be selected for either mechanic, so they must be prepared to deal with either mechanic. For ease of access, have your Megaflare stack be on the left of Twintania, and have the tower closest to Twintania be for the player targeted by Twintania if they do not have a Megaflare marker. Your remaining members should be taking towers. There’s no foolproof method I can think of that makes this tower set easy, so I recommend just calling out which tower you’re going to and adjust on the fly. Immediately after the dive, Twintania will begin using Twister, so players inside towers must run inside them as to not trigger Twisters, and players in the Megaflare stack should move out.

Megaflare will similarly target 1 healer, 1 tank, and 2 dps, which means you can have a general priority system to who goes to which tower. You can usually get away with just winging it, but I wouldn’t recommend enforcing a priority system because of the need of having a tower open, as the Twintania bait might have to take a tower.

Octet Twin Keep in mind tower locations are in RANDOM locations along a smaller circle in the center of the arena, so they will not always be in this configuration. There are 8 possible locations where towers can spawn.

If you’re confident in your adds phase DPS, you can instead opt to Tank LB3 approximately a second before Megaflare towers spawn to avoid having to coordinate the towers and Megaflare stack after Octet’s dives. Make sure the tank who is LBing is in the middle of the arena and prepared to move for twisters. You still have to place Twintania’s dive, but this completely nullifies the damage done by Megaflare, allowing any player to take any tower, regardless of if they have any marker. You still have to move to avoid twisters, so be wary.

In the case of a tank LBing having to position Twintania’s dive (i.e. you have a death going into Grand Octet), you will need a healer ready to rescue the tank as soon as the Twintania dive marker appears.

Here’s a helpful toolbox of how Aether PUGs handle Grand Octet, courtesy of Lily Coffeebean@Cactuar (Lily#0601).

Immediately after Grand Octet is complete, Bahamut will immediately jump to the background of the arena, and begin charging Teraflare.


  • Flare Breath
  • Flatten
  • Quickmarch Trio
  • Flare Breath
  • Flatten
  • Blackfire Trio
  • Gigaflare
  • Flare Breath x3
  • Fellruin Trio
  • Gigaflare
  • Flare Breath
  • Flatten
  • Flare Breath
  • Heavensfall Trio
  • Gigaflare
  • Flare Breath x3
  • Tenstrike Trio
  • Gigaflare
  • Flatten
  • Flare Breath
  • Grand Octet

Phase 4: Teraflare (Adds)

The phase begins with Bahamut charging Aethertrail Attunement in the duty gauge, and Nael and Twintania becoming targetable, spawning at 45% and 40% HP respectively. They have all the same abilities they had in the earlier phases. They share the same enmity table as Bahamut. Have the tank who wasn’t tanking Bahamut provoke one of the two bosses off the other. They can both be tanked in the same place, stacked on each other.

Adds Phase Positioning General positioning during adds phase. As long as the bosses are tanked roughly between two neurolinks as shown, you’ll be fine.

Have a players in position to bait Liquid Hells (ideally the same player who baited in Phase 1). I recommend placing a waymark down somewhere (ideally a location easily reachable by everyone) to use as an indicator of where to soak Thermionic Beam, and assigned positions to spread for Raven’s Dive. Keep in mind the bosses must die at the same time, or they will cast Twin Fury/White Fury, fully healing the boss and giving them a damage up, as well as a vulnerability down. This is essentially a raid wipe. (you have a grace period of ~3 seconds).

The bosses will both begin by using their mini-busters (Plummet for Twintania, Bahamut’s Claw for Nael). Twintania will then do her baitable Liquid Hells, identical to the ones in Phase 1. She will immediately follow up with a Generate + Twister combo, this time targetting 3 random DPS. As you have 3 neurolinks, each hatch must go in one and only one neurolink.

Assign a neurolink to each of the melee (one takes left flank, one takes right flank), one to the ranged, and have the second ranged be a floater. If you’re soaking Hatch on a melee neurolink, you can bait twisters AFTER resolving Hatch. If you are using the ranged neurolink, bait your twister BEFORE resolving Hatch. Of course, use your best judgement if positioning is not perfect.

Immediately after Twister resolves, Nael will say one of 4 quotes:

If Nael’s quote indicates her first move to be Lunar Dynamo, then when the cycle repeats she will always say a quote indicating Iron Chariot, and vice-versa.

Nael will very quickly cycle through her 3-move rotation. Keep in mind Twintania is still using auto attacks, so take special care of your Twintania tank. Immediately after Nael finishes her rotation, Twintania will use another Twister, so make sure to dodge it. Nael will then follow up with a Megaflare, dealing a lot of raid-wide magic damage with must be mitigated. After Megaflare resolves, both Twintania and Nael will use their respective tankbusters (Death Sentence and Ravensbeak), which still inflict either a slashing or a piercing vulnerability, and therefore still force a tank swap. The easiest way is to just have each tank provoke the boss off of the other. You do not need to shirk each other.

Their rotation will then repeat once, all the way until after the final Twister. Instead of Nael starting off with the Megaflare, the bosses instead will use their tankbusters first, and then follow up with the Megaflare. You have these 2 cycles before Aethertrail Attunement reaches 100, causing a raid wipe. I’d highly recommend saving a caster or ranged Limit Break, in order to kill both bosses at the same time.

If Aethertrail Attunement is lower than 100 when you kill Nael and Twintania, Teraflare will still ‘kill’ you. However, Phoenix will cast Flames of Rebirth and revives you with full HP, no weakness, full LB3, and the buff Phoenix’s Blessing. This buff doubles all damage dealt by players. However, this buff does not persist across death, so staying alive throughout this last phase is imperative to kill before enrage. You will have no statuses on you when you raise (i.e. no protect, etc), so make sure you take care of that during the small downtime you get before Golden Bahamut is targettable.

Note that if you were dead with weakness, or finish Teraflare with weakness, your weakness timer will reset. Consider not rezzing a player who died at the very end of Teraflare so they don’t gain a refresh on weakness, as all players will be raised regardless.


  • Twintania: Plummet + Nael: Bahamut’s Claw
  • Twintania: Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Twintania: Generate x3
  • Twintania: Twister
  • Nael: Quote
    • if “From hallowed moon I descend, upon burning earth to tread!" — Lunar Dynamo → Raven’s Dive → Thermionic Beam
    • if “From hallowed moon I bare iron, in my descent to wield!" — Lunar Dynamo → Iron Chariot → Raven’s Dive
    • if “Unbending iron, take fire and descend!" — Iron Chariot → Thermionic Beam → Raven’s Dive
    • if “Unbending iron, descend with fiery edge!" — Iron Chariot → Raven’s Dive → Thermionic Beam
  • Twintania: Twister
  • Nael: Megaflare
  • Twintania: Death Sentence + Nael: Ravensbeak

Cycle 2:

  • Twintania: Plummet + Nael: Bahamut’s Claw
  • Twintania: Liquid Hell (Distance)
  • Twintania: Generate x3
  • Twintania: Twister
  • Nael: Quote
    • if “From hallowed moon I descend, upon burning earth to tread!" — Lunar Dynamo → Raven’s Dive → Thermionic Beam
    • if “From hallowed moon I bare iron, in my descent to wield!" — Lunar Dynamo → Iron Chariot → Raven’s Dive
    • if “Unbending iron, take fire and descend!" — Iron Chariot → Thermionic Beam → Raven’s Dive
    • if “Unbending iron, descend with fiery edge!" — Iron Chariot → Raven’s Dive → Thermionic Beam
  • Twintania: Twister
  • Twintania: Death Sentence + Nael: Ravensbeak
  • Nael: Megaflare

Phase 5: Golden Bahamut

Bahamut gains the buff Lohs Daih, changing his appearance, and gains the following abilities:

Remember if Bahamut was not pushed past 60% in Phase 3, Bahamut will also gain a Damage Up buff, and deal unhealable damage, essentially serving as a raid wipe.

This phase is all about Exaflares, and planning out mitigation for Morn Afahs and Akh Morns. Any deaths will result in the player permanently losing Phoenix’s Blessing, so you all must stay alive to beat his Enrage.

The phase begins immediately with a Morn Afah, so have all of your party stack together. This requires extensive mitigation, which I would highly recommend planning beforehand. You will see a total of 5 Morn Afahs before Bahamut enrages. As party composition is variable, you will have to discuss among your group where mitigation should be placed. For example, in a PLD/WAR/SCH/WHM/DRG/NIN/BRD/SMN composition, a mitigation strategy could be as follows:

This is not the only way to mitigate Morn Afahs, and I’d highly recommend talking it over with your group. The bare minimum needed to survive is 3 10% CDs + Succor, more can be added for safety.

Morn Afahs finish casting at approximately the following times (assuming 0:00 is when Golden Bahamut is targettable):

  • #1 — 0:06
  • #2 — 1:01
  • #3 — 1:35
  • #4 — 2:25
  • #5 — 3:17

These times may vary slightly.

Right after Morn Afah resolves, have only your tanks stand in front of Bahamut, as he will begin casting Akh Morn. Much like Morn Afahs, Akh Morns need to have a planned set of mitigation for the highest chance of success. You will see a total of 4 Akh Morns before Bahamut enrages. The common CD rotation for tanks goes as follows:

Akh Morns finish casting at approximately the following times (assuming 0:00 is when Golden Bahamut is targettable):

  • #1 — 0:12
  • #2 — 0:44
  • #3 — 1:47
  • #4 — 2:37

These times may vary slightly.

After this Akh Morn is resolved, Bahamut will begin casting Exaflare.


Exaflare is a mechanic at first seeming very similar to Emptiness in O4S, but with key differences. Exaflares creates 3 waves of 2 markers across one of the 8 cardinals/intercardinals. Exaflares will always spawn in one and only one lane, and all 6 lanes will be used. Below is a diagram that shows how they come out. They appear at ~50% into the Exaflare cast.

Exaflare This is not the only configuration for Exaflare, and waves will not always be adjacent to each other as shown. Exaflares do also overlap about half of themselves as they move down, so keep that in mind.

There are three main strategies to dodge Exaflares:

3 to 1 Dodges/2 to 1 Dodges (Middle Strat)

This is a strat that requires a lot more effort, but is usually very consistent. We can label Exaflare waves in the format ######, wherein # is what wave it is. For example:

221133 This would be a 221133 pattern.

Try to find places where 3 and 1 Exaflares are adjacent to each other. After doing so, stand in the lane with the 3 Exaflare, wait for the 1 Exaflare to pass next to you, and then move into that lane. A diagram is shown below:

3-to-1 1 Line yourself up with the 3 lane.

3-to-1 2 Wait until the 1 flare passes next to you, and then shift into that lane.

3-to-1 3 You’re done!

Sometimes, a 3 to 1 dodge will not be available, in which case you’ll have to make do with a 2 to 1 dodge or a 3 to 2 dodge. The general idea of the dodge is the same, except timing is a lot more strict. Be sure to dodge into the top half of the marker, to make sure you aren’t clipped by an Exaflare.

2-to-1 Dodge Make sure to dodge to the back half of the Exaflare mark as soon as it disappears, to succesfully make a 3 to 2/2 to 1 dodge.

Straight Through (Lucrezia Strat)

This is the riskier strat, but will be very easy if done correctly. Begin by placing yourself in front of an Exaflare puddle marker. As soon as the puddle disappears, run through the puddle, onto the upper edge of the marker. If done correctly, it will look as if you ran into the explosion, but you’ll still be alive. A gif of this being executed is shown below:

Straight Through


Wall Strat

Probably the safest and most recommended strat. Begin by positioning yourself near a wall, and stand next to an exaflare arrow. Wait for the arrow to disappear, and move inside it. It’s very similar to the Lucrezia Strat, except moving into the exaflare from the side. The pros to this strat are you’re reacting to the arrow disappearing, giving you more time to find and prepare for Exaflares.

Taal Exaflare Wall Exaflares will not always be in this position. Thanks to Taal Kheru for the diagram.

Bahamut will follow up with another Akh Morn, this time adding an extra hit to the end. He will then use Exaflare, followed by Morn Afah, followed by Akh Morn, and repeat these three moves until he enrages.

Bahamut’s Enrage will be a series of Morn Afahs dealing lethal damage, regardless of how many players are stacked. In order to gain a few extra seconds, have your party spread out so he hits every player individually one-by-one, depending on Bahamut’s enmity. You may want to consider having your tanks shirk your healer who does the least DPS (usually the scholar) to maximize raid DPS.


Akh Morn starts at 3 hits, and every cast adds an extra hit to Akh Morn.

  • Morn Afah
  • Akh Morn x3
  • Exaflare
  • Akh Morn x4
  • Morn Afah
  • Exaflare
  • Morn Afah
  • Akh Morn x5
  • Exaflare
  • Morn Afah
  • Akh Morn x6
  • Exaflare
  • Morn Afah
  • Morn Afah (Enrage)

If you’ve defeated Bahamut Prime, congratulations! You’ve defeated probably the hardest content in the history of FFXIV. You’ll be rewarded with a Dreadwyrm Totem, which can be exchanged in Rhalgr’s Reach for an i345 Ultimate Dreadwyrm weapon of your choice.

This fight is all about consistency. The number of times you’ll have to do Nael and Twintania should make it seem like clockwork. I’d highly recommend focusing more on executing mechanics, instead of trying to push damage, as these DPS checks are very lenient.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please open an issue at the GitHub repository.

Special thanks to everyone involved in proofreading and creating this guide.


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  • Teraflare
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    • Added a note involving weakness during Wings of Rebirth
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